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Exhibitor Liability Insurance - Insurance Representation

(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: What company name should I put on the application?
A: The name under which you are registered with Show Sponsor. If your booth will reflect a different name, be sure to include that one, as well.

Q: What should I fill in for "Individual Contact"?
A: The name of any person who would be able to answer questions pertaining to your participation in the Show.

Q: Will the insurance cover theft and/or damage to my property?
A: NO. This is third party liability insurance only. It applies when someone claims you caused bodily injury or property damage. You should rely on your own business insurance to cover your exhibit and its contents at the show and in transit.

Q: How long is the insurance valid?
A: The insurance purchased will cover the dates of the specifically designated show.

Q: When do I need to send the application and payment?
A: As early as possible to avoid penalties imposed by the Show Sponsor: absolutely no later than 30 days prior to the move-in date of the show in which you will be participating.

Q: Is the insurance refundable?
A: No. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued once payment has been submitted.

Q: How will I know when the application and payment have been received?
A: You will receive an email.

Q: Should I notify the Show Sponsor that I have the insurance?
A: Notification is not necessary. Wells Fargo Insurance Services will notify the Show Sponsor of all payments and applications received.

Q: Any questions not answered above?
A: Send inquiries via email to